If you would like to find out more about the club or are interested in joining, it's best to visit the club on a Wednesday evening or a Sunday and speak to some of the members. You're sure of a warm welcome. If you don't already own a boat, you'll probably have the opportunity to try different classes before you commit yourself - or you can start by crewing for others.

Applications for Membership

Membership is open to anyone interested in sailing. New members are welcome. Those wishing to join should contact the Club Secretary for a form. They need to be proposed and seconded by club members and to have an informal chat with an executive Committee Member, who will explain the rules and also provide a point of contact.
In line with Club Rules, applications for membership are considered at the next General Committee meeting (usually held monthly). During the ‘waiting period’ applicants may sail – provided they have the necessary insurance as noted below – but will not become Members until the General Committee approves their application.

Application Forms are available at the Club or through the Club Secretary, to whom the completed forms should be returned: -
Mrs. Helen Walsh
3 Beckett Avenue
Tel: +44(0)1606 551344

Membership Fees & Subscriptions for 2007

For New Members, a one-off, non returnable entrance fee is payable for each family member over 18 years of age. Entrance fees are not required for members under 18.


Full Member (20 and over)


Member’s Spouse or Partner


Additional Family Members (18 or over)

10 each

Junior Member (8 to 19)





Full Member (20 and over)


Junior Member (8 to 19)


Family (including children under 19)


Non Racing Member


Non Sailing Member


Outport Member


Full membership is usually for individuals.

Junior membership is for persons between 8 and 19 who join independently.

Family membership includes all the members of a family (including children under 19) usually but not necessarily residing at the same address.

Non-racing membership is for those who want to sail occasionally for pleasure or to gain experience but do not want to race (this is subject to some restrictions when racing is taking place).

Non-sailing membership is mainly for those members who do not wish to sail but are interested in sailing and want to enjoy the facilities of the club.

Berthing Fees
For each boat kept club during the Sailing Season, a berthing fee of 30 is also payable (20 for a Topper or Optimist).

Working Party Levies
In order to maintain the Clubhouse, Grounds and Jetties to a high standard while keeping membership subscriptions as low as possible, most of the maintenance and renewal work is undertaken by members. Five days (two pre-sailing season, one in the summer and two post-sailing season) are set aside each year as official working party days.

For each Full Member, Non-Racing Member or Family Member aged 20 to 64 inclusive who does not attend any working parties during the previous year, a levy of 50 is payable (the levy is per household not per individual family member).
Provided one Working Party is attended, the levy is reduced to 25. If two or more Working Parties are attended, the levy is reduced to zero.
Working Party ‘Vouchers’ are issued at the Working Parties and these must be submitted with the following year’s subscription.
Working Party Levies are not payable during a member’s first year of membership. Additionally, where a new member joins the Club after the end of March, only one Working Party voucher is required with the following year’s subscription.

Most members actually enjoy Working Parties and those members who are unable to attend any can take comfort from the fact that their levies are used to purchase paint, building materials etc, needed for the Working Parties.

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