The Albacore is the largest boat sailed at Winsford Flash.

Although normally a two-person boat, it can have three crew. Due to its construction it is light for its size and is easy to manage out of the water. Albacores were originally built from laminated and moulded plywood but are also available in glass fibre.

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Although Comets have only recently been adopted by W.F.S.C. they have rapidly become one of our largest and most competitive fleets.

Comets are a modern glass fibre one-person dinghy with a single mainsail and a roomy cockpit.


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The Enterprise is one of the most popular traditional two-person, race sailing dinghies. Most have been built from marine plywood, but there are GRP versions available.

The Enterprise is a relatively simple design, but has good performance. The foresail is quite small compared to the mainsail and can be managed by lighter crews.

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RS 200

The RS 200 is a modern boat incorporating the latest ideas on hull design and rigging.
It particularly appeals to sailors who have prior experience of performance dinghies.
The large asymmetrical spinnaker gives the crew plenty to do and provides exhilarating performance.

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GP 14

The GP 14 is well-established class boat at Winsford Flash. Like the Enterprise, GP's come in traditional wooden construction and glass fibre. It is a substantially built boat and heavier than say an Enterprise but this gives it stability. The GP 14 is a two-person boat with a spinnaker, a mainsail, and a large foresail.
There is a club GP 14 available for hire.

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The Laser is one of the most popular boats in the world and an established Olympic class.
This does not mean they are difficult to sail, there are three sizes of mainsail to suit a range of body weights and abilities.
There is a club Laser available for hire.

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The Topper is a small single-handed boat primarily for young people. It is perfect as an introduction to racing and as a teaching boat. The hull is moulded from plastic and the rig is a simple single sail. There are lots of Toppers being sailed at clubs around the country so it should be easy to find one.
WFSC have club owned Toppers for training and hire.

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The Mirror is probably one of the most popular small boats in the world. Like the MINI, everyone has owned a Mirror. Originally constructed from single panels of marine plywood as a DIY project and sponsored by the Daily Mirror, the class caters for everyone from beginners to the most competitive of young developing sailors.
Prices range from a hundred pounds or less up to thousands for a competitive winning boat. The latest hulls are available in glass fibre.

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The Miracle was developed from the Mirror. It is longer and has a more efficient and simple mast rig.
The Miracle is especially suitable for two teenagers or an adult and young crew such as a daughter or son. Like some of the other boats it is available in wood or glass fibre construction.

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W.F.S.C. is primarily a racing club. In order to maintain a competitive level of racing the types of boats that we sail on the Flash are limited to certain classes.

Only adopted classes (the ones above) are allowed to sail in Points races. Unadopted boats can take part in Handicap races with the permission of the General Committee.

Some types of boats are unsuitable for sailing on the Flash, Multi-hulled craft, high performance boats with trapeze harnesses etc, large boats over a certain length (see the rule book). If you have one of these type of boats or any unadopted boat, and you intend to join the club speak to the Vice Commodore Sailing beforehand.


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