About Winsford Flash Sailing Club

The object of the club is to encourage dinghy sailing. Members need not own boats nor have previous sailing experience. We try to generate a friendly family atmosphere in which members of all abilities and all ages are welcome.

Organised racing takes place on Sundays between mid March and late October, starting at 12 noon. Four or five weekends are given over to Class Open Meetings. A short winter handicap series is held on about six Sundays, starting mid-November

The Club has a good record and offers keen but friendly competition for all levels of proficiency.  Elementary training can be arranged, and help and advice are always available to the novice from more experienced sailors.

Members are welcome to sail from the club land throughout the week as well as at weekends, but clubhouse and rescue services are normally only available when there is organised racing, so members are asked not to sail unless there is another boat or person within hailing distance.

The clubhouse, galley and bar are open on Sundays and many Saturdays throughout the season.  Informal racing and training, partly with the aim of helping novices (and others) to acquire tactical skills, takes place on Wednesday evenings during the summer, the bar is open and there is a barbeque.

A number of social events are held throughout the year, usually in the clubhouse, and some of the individual classes organise informal social events for their members.

If you would like to know more about us, please contact the Secretary or visit the Club one Sunday in the Season and ask for one of the Officers or the Captain of the Class in which you are interested.  You can be sure you will be made welcome.

Winsford Flash Sailing Club is generally regarded by its members as being a relaxed and laid back club. This is not to say we don’t take our duties and responsibilities seriously.

We do this through a policy of self-help. In order to keep subscriptions down to a reasonable level members are expected to undertake a minimum of duties. Generally this would be to volunteer for Galley duty or to assist with race management on at least one occasion each year. Regular sailors would be expected to do two race duties in a year.

Galley duty is straight forward, assisting the paid staff with lunch and refreshments. This is a good way to meet other club members (especially when they all arrive at once, very wet and hungry). Galley duty is not restricted to female members but not many men have worked out that it can be nicer to be in the warm and dry than getting soaked to the skin sitting in a rescue boat.

For many members their first experience of club duties has been behind the bar acting as bar steward, this obviously involves opening the bar after sailing and arranging cover for Open meetings and socials.

Providing enough people for race duties is essential if the races are to be run efficiently and safely. Most start with safety cover, manning a safety boat with another member to assist competitors to right capsized boats etc. Training can be given in launching, starting, and manoeuvring the safety boat, and righting capsized boats if you are not sure what to do.

Responsibility for running the races on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Open meetings is entrusted to the Officer of the Day and the Assistant Officer of the Day. The O.O.D. is usually a member who has had experience of Safety duty, and as Assistant O.O.D, and races and has raced regularly.
It is probably more important that the O.O.D. and Assistant O.O.D. have good organisational skills and a sound working knowledge of the Rules of Sailing than being top competitive sailors, (the two don’t always go hand in hand).

IMPORTANT. please read this.

Winsford Flash is a volunteer, self-help club. All members are expected to take part in, and contribute to the running of the club.

The minimum we expect from members is to do at least two duties a year helping to run the races on Sundays and Wednesday evenings.

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